Oct 30, 2006

A Seinfeldian Sale

A Clever Facade for Latex Production
And you want to be my real estate salesman? Lou Costanza and his alter ego Claire van der Lee are selling this house, located at 16th and T St, NW.

George and the gang would be proud.

Thanks to DCBlogs for mentioning this post in today's DCBlogs Noted.


ian said...

it does appear that the parent company has gotten out of the import/export business.

loved the halloween photos. the wine box dude is The Man!

wharman said...

Thanks, ian. The house is actually being sold by my good friend Claire van der Lee. It's a great space in an amazing location, and it has a piano! If you've got $989,000 burning a hole in your pocket, buy it!

Liz said...

if only I had that kind of money... it's gorgeous.