Oct 15, 2006

New Finds

Consumatron, a web site that reviews everyday items:
So, he reviews the small stuff -- all of it. A BLT sandwich from the Bridgeport Coffee House, garlic powder he bought at the Dominick's on Ashland Avenue, a four-pack of Sprecher lager he picked up on a recent trip to Wisconsin.

Scaruffi.com, a one-man site dedicated to exhaustive musical lists:
For his senior project he turned in a 50-page paper on the history of rock music. His classmates’ papers, he said, totaled two or three pages.

In hilarious news, The RIAA doled out gold albums for several Richmond, VA police officers in an effort to honor their work in seizing copyright infringers.
The officers have made 67 arrests connected to piracy since 2004, he said. Officers have found pirated items at flea markets, strip malls and college campuses.

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