Oct 29, 2006


Rather than run in today's Marine Corps Marathon, I netflixed Saint Ralph, the inspiring 2004 movie about a marathon. Then I dressed as a Chinese Take Out box (again) and went to a party.

Bmac and Dan Washington Monument Bad Spinach Willy Wonka De Beers Party People Dr. Bailey and White Trash Bmac and Jen

For those of you who are running, I give you the chillingly beautiful Gord Downie version of Leonard Cohen's Hallelujah that helped Ralph with his running. Go get em tigers and bananas.

Hallelujah - mp3


Thanks to WaPo Express for featuring this post in their print edition (pg 40).


Dumbek said...

Did I see the beer guys on the Metro last night?

wharman said...

It's possible! The extent of my interaction with them was taking this photo, so I'm not sure from where they came.