Sep 25, 2006

UPDATE: Let's Rock and Roll, May I Have More Mustache In My Monitor?

That's Bobby Bare Jr. His new record called The Longest Meow will be released tomorrow. He's super good in concert and sometimes he'll give you a piece of birthday cake. If it's his birthday and he has some cake.

He'll be playing at IOTA tonight, so if you're in the greater Washington, DC area, check out what happens thirty years after a 5 year old friend of Shel Silverstein is nominated for a grammy. It's not always pretty, but I guarantee you it'll rock.

Bobby Bare's site says Ghostfinger is opening. IOTA's site says Roman Candle is. Maybe it's a 3fer.


"May I have more mustache in my monitor?" asked Ghostfinger's keyboardist Matt Rowland, referring to front man Richie Kirkpatrick's handlebar. Richie, in turn, asked the audience in earnest if we had any "wakey-wakey pills." Richie mostly made me nervous, which I think is good. I'm almost positive he's a kind of genius.

Golden Retrievers played a big part of my early life, and all three of my golden pets would, on occasion, get the crazy eye and become quite unpredictable. I could never be sure of the direction they'd go running. Richie reminded me very much of them and of the unstable elements on the periodic table.

Anyway, Ghostfinger played a few of their can't decide whether [they] want[s] to be Mick making like Gram, Alice mugging like Iggy, or Dulli aping Prince tunes before Bobby Bare Jr. took the stage with them as his backing band. I was one of about 3 women watching this beautiful mess. I highly recommend seeing them yourself very soon. He stretched the show out to midnight so he could legally sell his new release. He doesn't seem at all concerned about illegal drug purchases, but illegal CD purchases, absolutely. It got cloudy in the room late-night, but Bobby appeared to have a sincere hope that people will like his new stuff, and he seems really happy with it. I know I am.

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