Sep 4, 2006

Love's Labour's Lost, Crocodile Tears Edition

"Things that no longer labor this Labor Day for $100, please Alex."
"What are Andre Agassi, Steve "My Crikey Crocodile Hunter" Irwin, and Merlot?"

After losing to B. Becker yesterday, Andre was free to unlabor today. The other night he and Marcos Baghdatis played the only tennis match that's ever made me cry; the pure will of both players and this Andre quote did it:

"Tonight has been another example of moments you're not guaranteed in life..."
My tears weren't crocodile tears, but speaking of reptiles, it turns out Andre's words eerily foretold Steve Irwin's lack of any more moments at all. The man who constantly dared death to come get him went down by the barb of a gentle ray. I'm sure that crocs the world over do have a tear for the man who brought them to the lap of pop culture's luxury. Crikey, Steve has only to rest in peace today.

Last but not least, we recognize the time off Merlot grapes are afforded this year due to the malleable minds of movie watching drinkers. Growers are having a hard time giving the grape away. If your'e gonna follow the lead of Miles, at least carefully watch the movie, folks. Dude loved him some merlot, and I hear the grapes would like to get back to work. For now, they're getting *secretly* blended into 2006 Zinfandel, Syrah, and Cabernet.

"Things that are laboring today for $500, Alex."
"The Washington Nationals. Specifically Ramon Ortiz."

Ortiz pitching a near no-hitter Nationals
Ortiz worked hard today, nearly pitching a no-hitter and batting a career first home run all in one game.


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