Sep 16, 2006

It Breaks My Heart When My Shoes Get Wet

After beating the streets of Chinatown, Dupont, and Adams Morgan last night, the little piggies are blistered. The journey was worth the pain in the end because I stumbled upon a new band with incredible potential. The Fed.

I was overdue to see Phil Rossi, possibly the nicest, most engaging and enthusiastic member of the MetroMusicScene musicians. Since he was at local stomping ground Staccato last night, I couldn't not go. He and the Bad Habit (who I had not seen before) put on a great show for a substantial crowd.

Lucky for me, I left the blogger party at Lucky Bar in time to catch the last couple songs from The Fed, the band playing before Phil. I chatted for a moment with Fed drummer Kevin who said the band has been together for about 6 months. They're not overly tight yet, but I saw a flicker of a band I want to see much more in the coming months.

Take a listen: The Getaway - mp3

Also on the site, you can check out Anthology's 21 minute film about The Fed.

In Staccato news, I asked the owner if they're still closing or what!?! He said, "It's so up in the air."

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