Aug 7, 2006

When Blogging Isn't Narcissistic Enough

In an idle moment yesterday, I decided to scan in some of my more aged photos. Better to have them preserved in web 2.0 land than in my hat box of men's toes. Holy Papadapolis! These were the days when a missed episode of Diff'rent Strokes would give me a stroke.

Below are a few shots of me as a tot. You can see more here.

Little Red Stool
Check out that shag carpet!

October 18, 1980
Cousin Meredith and I and our matching jeans

Wendy and Rick
Brotherly love

First Day of School
First day of 3rd Grade


Dumbek said...

A few months back my parents visited, bringing with them a box of old photos and grade-school junk. Flashbacks like that can be very scary.

wharman said...

Yes! But also a little grounding.

Anonymous said...

What cute children you were!

Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

OMG you were the cutest third grader ever.

wharman said...

Anonymous and Marci - thank you! I did my best.

Liz said...

Those pictures from the 70's are always so very yellow and orange. :)

Anonymous said...

It is amazing that you have some of the same expressions now as you did when you were a child! So cute!