Aug 6, 2006

WARNING: This Product Moves When Used

Everyone clapped when it landed, spinning sideways on Duval Street.

Lifetime hours logged on a scooter: 1

After one parking lot test circle the rental shop set us four free.

About a mile down the road in the thick of the bars lining Duval Street, we heard a friendly voice yell hello from the second story. We paused to pose.
10 minutes after this photo was taken tragedy struck. A scooter pootered, putting in motion a string of events that would later cost me $500. While two went back for help, I stayed with the quitter. Unfortunately, mine showed no signs of quitting at all. It was dangerous to be stopped in the street, so we commenced to getting the beasts safely on the sidewalk. I lifted mine by its handlebars up the 6 inch curb. What I forgot to do was turn off the motor.

We all know how you make a scooter scoot, right?
By a simple flick of the right wrist on the handlebar!

As I lifted the handlebars, the motor revved and the scooter scooted up, up, and away! It caught an impressive trajectory from the curb. Though I tried to hold on, hands stretched out above my head, I lost my grasp when its altitude exceeded my height.

It flew about 15 feet into the air, hit a tree lining the street, and ricocheted back onto Duval, spinning like a sideways dreidel. Luckily, no one was hurt. In the few seconds it took for this to transpire a crowd of about 40 stopped in their tracks to watch the end result and applaud accordingly. People love flying spinning scooters.

Unbelievably, the flying scooter showed no signs of injury. The motor was still running and there were no cosmetic troubles. We took them back to the shop and nearly got out of there when... they discovered the internal bleeding and forced payment.

That was in March of 1998. I haven't been on a motorbike since but I do rather fancy the "before" photo.

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Matt said...

Glad to hear that you got away uninjured, unlike the Americans all over Bermuda who wear their elbow bandages, earned in Bermuda Bike accidents, like badges of honor.
p.s. I enjoyed meeting you at the happy hour.