Aug 3, 2006

Today Is A Dog Day of Summer

Lulu arrived on the front steps to spend the weekend with us while her mama and daddy go to get hitched. I'm gonna take her to see Georgie James at Fort Reno tonight. She looks like a girl who loves music in the park, no? The two of us are making sesame and cilantro vermicelli salad for dinner accompanied by the finest bowl of DC tap water.

In totally different wedding news, I received the following email from a friend and former sorority sister who is planning her own nuptials. It went exactly like this:
So a bit of random Theta-ness. I received a wedding gift from my registry at Crate & Barrel from C. Do you remember her? She was in the class ahead of us. I remember her quite well, as she was my big sister, went totally overboard on the week when we got presents (what was that called?), and then promptly dropped out of school never to be heard from again. I believe after she dropped out she cross stitched me a pillow with pansies on it. It was very nice work but I have little place for it now, I find. It has been at least 10 years since I talked to her and she sent me a very nice bowl. She put her e-mail address on the card so I'm going to e-mail her, but I can't imagine how she knew I was getting married.

I was talking to a wine shop in Clarkesville, GA to order the beer and wine for my wedding. I was asking for good wine suggestions in the lower price ranges and these are the three suggestions I've been asked to consider: Funky Llama, Cat's Pee on a Gooseberry Bush, and Way Cool. I have been assured that "wine people," of which I am not, love them.


Dumbek said...

Sign me up for some Funky Llama!

wharman said...

Yes, it does sound tasty. There's also a sort of natural draw to something called Cat's Pee. The best part, though, is the description of the Way Cool wine: "Sting and Uma Thurman singing reggae in a hot tub of strawberries."