Aug 2, 2006


While the Sleater-Kinney finale fans got shooed by the Lost Monster, we at IOTA were having a fast-talking, tacky-but-not-too-tacky-I-mean-justright-tacky ball last night. Glad Rags and all.

Andy Zipf played a short but very sweet set, including some of the new songs that'll be on his upcoming release. Andy says,
"I was in L.A. for 6 weeks, working with a producer named Jim Barber. He's done stuff with Ryan Adams, Aimee Mann and Courtney Love. The guys that played on it were amazing. The drummer plays with Sheryl Crow, bass player plays with Iggy Pop and the keys player tours with Sarah McLaughlin. The record came out even better than I had hoped. It's going to be mixed soon. I can't wait to have a finished copy in my hands."

Now for Danielle. She has a captivating voice and other hapnin' stylings. Despite these skills, I wouldn't mind if she never got around to singing her songs because her in-between banter is genius and perhaps indicates craziness. I adored it. Until she has a well-deserved Bravo reality TV show of her own, you have to go see her in person for the fast-talking. For the singing, you can listen to that right here:
Fields of Cotton - mp3
I'll Be Blue - mp3
Roses From Leroys - mp3

As an added bonus, the hardest working man in trumpeting and This Old House landscaping, Kevin Cordt, tooted his horn along with Danielle. Kevin plays in a bunch of bands around town (Last Train Home, Kevin Cordt Quartet, Spottiswoode and His Enemies, and Jenny Toomey to name a few). On top of this, he somehow finds time to run Cordt Gardens, a full service landscaping company that was featured on This Old House last fall. In short, the man is all about being a master of all trades, including his friendly personality.

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