Aug 21, 2006

Return to DC

Tomorrow I return to DC. Although the pink baseboards wanted to shine through, we stifled them with 4 coats of ultra white paint and the deed is done. It's been a great week of staring at walls and being more sore than I can remember before.

Here are a few non home improvement shots I've taken along the way:
Roosevelt Railroad Bridge Backyard Palm 1706 Gumbo Tree

1706 Hose 1706 Outside Shower 1706 Pipes 1706 Plugs


Barbara said...

I love the last 4. I would never have thought of these as subjects! Welcome back to the real world.

Washington Cube said...

Love the photographs.

wharman said...

Thank you Barbara and Washington Cube!

jeffro said...

i like the colors on the hose pic

wharman said...

Thank you Jeffro - I do, too. Nice Angie interview, by the way. I'm sad I missed him.