Aug 16, 2006

Progress Report

Below are examples of both a 3/8ths inch nap and a full body nap. After 4 days of nonstop painting, I chose to use the 3/8ths as a pillow for my full body:
For the few interested friends and family, here are some before and after photos:
Master Bedroom Painting the Master Bath Finished Master Bedroom
Master Bedroom
Hallway Hallway Before Wendy Painting Hallway Finished Hallway
Pink Bathroom BeforePink Bathroom After
2nd bathroom
Ladder in Light Finished Suede Room
2nd Bedroom. It's suede!

We're making headway on the living room Living Room Before and kitchen Kitchen Wallpaper Mess.
As always, view the complete set of photos here.


Delilah said...

Great paint job and wonderful pictures! "Naps" are very important. I love the suede room.

Barbara said...

WOW! You are fast. I think it's very cool that your family is coming together over a housepainting project. At least with painting, there is definitely an apparent difference, whereas with many forms of cleaning (closets, refrigerators, etc.), it's not so obvious that you have been working!

Anonymous said...

Wher did you learn this suede thing from? Good job!

Washington Cube said...

Loving the suede walls and great photos.

wharman said...

Delilah - thank you, but please don't take off your diaper again.

Barbara - that's so true! I think that's why I enjoy it. Immediate gratification.

Anon - a good friend of mine taught me the suede technique. I "brushed up" on it with some Home Depot brochure lessons. Wait'll you see the linen technique in the kitchen!

Cube - thank you!

Liz said...

You should have called me. We painted our living room three times. No joke.

Sara said...

You guys are awesome! The house is so cute...can't believe Rick is all growed up! Also love the pictures of the little girls. They are amazing! Hope you are having fun!

wharman said...

Liz - I should have called you for sure. Thanks for your librarian advice. I may call on your for that again very soon.

Sara - Hey! Aren't the girls adorable? They came over again the other day and told us lots of knock-knock jokes. Example: Knock Knock. Who's there? Potato. Potato who? Applesauce!

laura said...

those kids are sure cute! they had to come over there to see their aunt wendy! glad to have you in town for a little bit. hope to see/talk to you soon!