Aug 18, 2006

Progress Report #3

The Kitchen
Kitchen Stripping Kitchen Wallpaper Mom in Kitchen Sink Kitchen Wallpaper Mess

Left to right: The kitchen was wallpapered with some sort of almighty super glue and we decided to take it down. Some member of the team has been scrubbing, sanding, and cursing most every hour since that decision was made. We finally got down to brass tacks, which was a blue color from the 1970's.

Kitchen Primer'd Kitchen Base Coat

We then put 2 coats of primer over the blue stuff and triumphantly added 2 coats of "Stucco White." Now we wait until Saturday to add the "Mint Julip" textured linen look.

The Living Room

Living Room Before Finished Living Room

The living, dining and office rooms are now complete in their "Antique White." What's left? The pantry's getting a "Silver Dust"ing and we have to paint the baseboards ("Ultra Pure White" against the "Antique White" and "Swiss Coffee" against everything else). Almost there!


Barbara said...

You guys sound like pros! Does everyone get along or do you scream at each other while this is happening? My experience hasn't always been good doing "home improvement" projects with close family members.

wharman said...

We get along pretty well. I don't see them all that often, so we try to have fun with whatever we do. We've snapped a few times but mostly commiserated together.

Sara said...

What do you know about painting 'textured' walls? Been trying to convince Paul to try Jamaica-me-crazy green, but he's understandably reluctant...can't wait to see the "mint julip" linen look!

wharman said...

Hi Sara! I only know what I learned from the Home Depot store brochures. Tell Paul you can always paint over Jamaica-Me-Crazy Green if he doesn't like it!

Carmela said...

Amazing collaboration with fantastic results!