Aug 11, 2006

Ode to CVS Art Installation

This morning I'm regretting my lack of photo evidence of the "Ode to CVS" art installation TSA was gathering at security checkpoints the USA over. I got to thinking about it and am wondering about a couple issues.

1. Why, if they're scared of liquid explosives and forcing the people to discard these potentially dangerous items, are they fine with PILING THEM UP ALL TOGETHER-LIKE in the most crowded parts of airports?
2. What good does all this purging the toothpaste into "Ode to CVS" do if anyone can carry a small vial of dangerous liquid in his pocket and head straight through the metal detector. We simply don't have liquid detectors. I don't think. And not too many folks get selected for further screening (also done with a metal detector and not a liquid detector).
3. One of these terrorists from London was the mother of a 6 month-old. She would have made it through any airport even yesterday by putting the stuff in a juice sippy cup.

Yes, DCeiver, I believe I did see a renewed spark in GWB's eyes yesterday as he told us about all the people who want us dead.

Washington Post article about "Ode to CVS."

Items Confiscated Before August 10, 2006
(Photo by cyancey)

Stuff Confiscated After August 10, 2006
(Photo by midweekpost)

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