Aug 13, 2006

Need a Hot Dog and a Nap

Home Depot is a wonder. Larry the Cable guy is right; a person should get the hot dog at the front because you never know when you'll emerge and it's best to have some sustanance. I was in there about 27 hours I think.

If you're painting you gotta have lambskin rollers that come in sizes called naps (A roller with a thicker nap is used to apply paint on uneven surfaces). When I was done figuring out which one I needed I wanted at least a 3/8ths inch nap just for myself.

The "self check-out" phenomenon, I'm convinced, is technology's worst innovation. I haven't once been through one without seeing smoke exit both the computer and my ears. This time it was whining that the 5 gallon bucket of paint was "unexpected." Well, computer, you aren't inside my head so how can you possibly know what purchases to expect?

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