Aug 13, 2006

A Man's Job in a Pink House

As a 4 year old boy, my brother witnessed my mom pouring mulch in the front yard. He marched right over to her, grabbed the bag of mulch and declared, "This is a man's job."

Today he became a homeowner and declared his regret for ever having uttered those 5 words. All we have to do is repeat them to him and he's obligated to carry and lift in order to prove his manhood. Even more so now because his house is pink.
Treasure Road
Crossing the threshold for the first time
Crossing the Threshold
Finding out Jesus Wuz There
Jesus Was Here

If you'd like to watch our progress with the indoor paint job, check this box. It'll be updated throughout the process.


Barbara said...

This is hilarious! He will regret ever being so macho. I hope the new color is a big improvement. I also hope the religious icons don't sneak back through the new paint. You are a saint to take this job on!

Anonymous said...

He is actually working it very well. He has an all girl work crew next week while he is at his regular job!

Cousin Mere said...

Nice, very nice! I can't wait to see the finished product! Congrats Rick!