Aug 7, 2006

The Mainstream and Mondays Always Get Me Down

At Friday's Blogzuza Happy Hour, I learned that Mojitos have a lot of calories. I lost my voice early on, making it impossible for me to communicate without my keyboard. The drinking sector of the DC Blogger community quite politely pretended they could hear and understand me. It was fun to see and meet the people behind Kathryn On, Just a Nats Fan, Life of Red, Redhead in the City, Own the Press, Total Information Awareness, Till Human Voices Wake Us, and Media Concepts to name a few.

By comparison, the Miami blogiverse isn't having such an easy time organizing themselves. They might also be facing a corporate takeover. The mainstream and Mondays always get them down. After reading this I give extra kudos to Kathryn and DCCookie for their happy hour good deeds. Thank you!

Monday Linkemup

1. I believe I figured out how to slow down the passage of time at my office on Monday

2. Need new plates?

3. The Copyright Office, in their own way, has Project Runway fever.

4. A layperson's guide to filesharing lawsuits

5. Sad

6. When I hear about people who are obsessed with copyright and legal things I always think they're using it as a reason why their work hasn't been successful.

1 comment:

Kathryn Is So Over said...

Thanks. I don't think anyone could call our happy hours "corporate"! Ha!