Aug 25, 2006

Mad Blogger Props to IP Peeps. And Illegal Coffee, Purple Dinosaurs

I'd like to point to Frank Pasquale's work on He's a professor of law at Seton Hall and his teaching ability shines through his thoughtful and interesting blog posts. If you have any interest in IP issues, I highly suggest placing him in your RSS feed. For example, today's "Expansive Copyright Licensing Claims as Inefficient Welfare" is superb in its accessibility and conciseness.

I'd also like to give props to Public Knowledge for expanding their number of blog authors and areas of content. I particularly enjoyed summer intern Tim Schneider's posts. I'm sure he's back in school now, but keep an eye out for this up and comer.

If MacArthur decides to give out a genius grant for blogging anytime, these guys would be good candidates.

In other IP news, below are a few links about lawyers, coffee, and Barney the Dinosaur.
Investor's Business Daily interviews Carole Handler about a new copyright licensing system.
They were doing a very good job protecting their content, but they were also resisting change by digging their heels in and then hitting the people who were using digital downloading technology. That is incredibly resistant and old guard.

Now they have adjusted to the fact that the world is digital and the problem is almost impossible to solve until you have a system, a licensing system

A silly trademark debacle: Standard and Poor's sues Standard and Pour's.
"It's a theme, is what it is, not a marketing gimmick to get investors in there," he said. "Nobody's walked into Standard & Poor's' office in Manhattan and asked for an espresso, and nobody's walked into Pascale's and asked for financial advice."

The Electronic Frontier Foundation is at it again. This time against the corporation that brings us Barney.
The EFF is taking up the case of a New York City man whose parody of the purple television dinosaur has come under fire from the company that owns the rights to the Barney and Friends franchise.

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