Aug 31, 2006

Love Versus Heroin in a Rock N Roll Hotel

"I had so much really good sushi in New York that now even Sushi Taro tastes just ok," says my dinner companion.

I suppose abundance of a good thing can make a person overly picky. Although I personally would lop off my right thumb for too much of Taro's ahi tuna (there'd have to be some kind of offering because I always have too much month at the end of my money), I increasingly find myself feeling a malaise over new-to-me music.

It's hard these days to hear a unique set of songs that taste better than stuff I've already had. In other words, I've been spoiled by so much really good music.

These are the reasons why I'm really excited to be excited over Justin Jones' upcoming show at the new Rock N Roll Hotel this Sunday, September 3.

He's pimping out Love Versus Heroin, a chilly-bump giving collection of intimate tunes. For now, he calls DC home, so let's all go support the hometown boy.

This particular show will feature special guests Jimmy Stelling of the Hackensaw Boys on banjo, Casey Danielson of Pale Brother and the Hard Tomorrows on guitar, and Honky Tonk piano player James Sattva coming on down to RnR. It starts at 9pm and is all ages. Monday is a laborless day, so there's no reason not to make it. He puts on a charming live show, and I can only imagine this impressive list of guests making it more enjoyable.

To arouse your appetite without bedding it back down again, here're a couple of examples:

Hope - mp3

Honey I Need You
- mp3


jeffro said...

oh, you should be excited about the upcoming back-to-back Marah shows at IOTA 9/10 and 9/11!

Hammer said...

Thanks for the tunes - good stuff indeed. Don't know that I can make the show, but an eventual path-crossing at Iota is all but inevitable.

Jeff Simmermon said...

Hmm. I haven't been over there yet, but I've been meaning to check that club out. Do you have any idea how much they charge for practice space?

After seeing Shellac at the Black Cat tonight, I may never like a live show again. Holy Jesus.

wharman said...

Jeffro - Thanks for reminding me. I do enjoy songs about pizzerias and will do my best to make one of those IOTAs.

Hammer - Thank Justin, not me, for the tunes. See you at IOTA inevitably. And don't take any crap from Ernesto. Put on your hoodie, follow the ET with his bright red finger in the air, and say phone home. You'll get to fly.

Jeff - wow! It sounds like you had a sublimely Shellac-y experience. I have no idea about practice space, but I'm sure the manager there does.