Aug 14, 2006

Delilah and Her Diaper

It's not all painting here in Stuart. We also have to keep the dog in her diapers!
Dee with her Diaper
Above is my mom's dog Delilah. She's a 13 year old foster Lhasa Apso mom got when the breeder was put down by the local Humane Society. She (the dog, not my mom, although...) refuses to become potty-trained and used to leave messes all over the house. My mom bought expensive cleaning solution until she realized that diapers are less expensive. Since that calculation, Delilah (Dee) has worn diapers while inside the house. Mom has to cut out a hole for her tail. Here's pretty much what it looks like:


Barbara said...

This is hilarious! I have never heard of such a thing except for dogs in heat.

Marci (aka Baby Banana) said...

OMG, I know where Stuart is! I used to have an annual meeting out there on Hutchinson Island.