Jul 10, 2006

You're no artist, eh?

(first ever painting)
I did quite well in 10th grade chemistry. I routinely got tests returned with A's and 100% written in red on top with notes that said, "You're no artist, eh?" I can't remember the details, but I guess there were diagrams and things to draw in order to get to the correct answers. My teacher was right. I'm no artist.

Working against type I started painting back in May. What's come out is a collection of very childlike and colorful images. I suppose if I turned them in I'd get a similar response back in red ink, but that's not what it's about. I've gotten a kindergarten-esque satisfaction from sitting down with the brushes and colors every day.

(more recent painting)

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Thanks to DCBlogs for highlighting this post today! What a great surprise.


jeffro said...

kind of picasso-y

Anonymous said...

I think they are fantastic!

Hammer said...

Quality stuff - bright colors go a very long way to brightening up a room - keep it up!

wharman said...

Thanks everyone! What an ego booster.