Jul 18, 2006

Things That Make You Go ... Cool

Weather talk is usually relegated to desperate conversation filler, but this week's heat is noteworthy. Below are a few tidbits that may remind you of feeling cool.

Ice Cream
Ice Cream has been around since the 4th century BC, but Thomas Jefferson wrote down the first recorded recipe for ice cream in America.

If you're looking for fresher versions of of the stuff, check out this list of Best American Ice Cream Parlors.

If you also saw the news special warning that ice in your drinks may have deadly deadly germs, this product might be for you:

Ice Rocks are prepackaged, ready-to-freeze individual ice cubes made from French spring water. Geared primarily toward the (upscale) tourism market, they assure worried travelers that the ice is safe to use. Scotch Rocks, a version marketed to bars and whisky drinkers, and Kid Rocks, cubes made from fruit juice, are also in the works.

I can't seem to find a definitive listing of DC area fountains, but here are a few to help you imagine a refreshing spritz:

WWII Memorial (Photo by Merfam)

Hirshorn Museum (Photo by :/)

FDR Memorial (Photo by clgregor)

White House (Photo by dipfan)

National Museum of the American Indian (Photo by basykes)

Meridian Hill Park (Photo by katmere)

Janet Cardiff's Words Drawn In Water walking tour art introduced me to DC's tiniest fountain, in the Hirshorn Sculpture Garden, but I can't seem to find a photo of it.

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