Jul 27, 2006

Things About Books

Music, photos, and home decorating can all involve books and libraries. What could be more geek chic than that?

1. Harry and the Potters: We Play Songs About Books!
Joe was planning to have a rock show in the shed in the backyard. People had been invited. But then all the bands cancelled. So that morning, the time was finally appropriate to bust out an idea that had been incubating in Paul's head for some time: Harry and the Potters. That morning, over the course of an hour, Paul and Joe wrote 7 songs. Then, they went out to the shed and practiced them for half an hour. And then, later in the day, they performed them for about 6 people. It was awesome. The place went nuts.

Nowadays, they don't just play in sheds, they also play in libraries, bookstores, basements, art galleries, theatres, hot dog jamorees (true story!), and living rooms.

2. Libraries with Flickr accounts!
It's not surprising that libraries have been a driving force on the Internet since its inception, especially in the pre-Web days when the medium was all about text. But who would have thought that a photo site would become such a popular way for them to network?

3. HOWTO Make a Bookshelf out of Books!

As hard as it is for me to deface a book, or to disrespect one in any way: my husband says that there should be a disclaimer tag on each one saying "No book actually worth reading has been harmed in the making of this project."

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Buffy said...

Harry and the Potters. This is the second time this week I've heard this....I have no idea who/what this is.