Jul 7, 2006

10 Foot Bear Available

On July 4th, 2006, I had a Heineken at a fireworks roofdeck party and started a sentence I wish I hadn't. "It's a really nice town except for all the pot." I said to my friend's parents. I was referring to Stuart, FL, the place I grew up and also a place these parents had visited in their search for a retirement home.

I meant that the police had recently found a bunch of grow houses there and it was a mecca for marijuana growing. It was an unnecessary story; I only said it because I had just read an article about the problem. Right after it came out I shouted to myself on my insides, "Shut up! Just shut up. What are you talking about? Just change the subject already, they don't want to hear about drugs."

On the outside, I said, "How about that Wimbledon?" totally changing the subject and creating one of my famous non sequiters. People often remind me that a story consists of a beginning, middle, and end, but that's not how I think.

At any rate, I wish I had read this story about a 10-foot Yogi Bear statue washing ashore in the area that afternoon. That would have been a happier story.

"At first we thought it was a whale," he said.

It took about a half dozen people to hoist Yogi from the water and up onto a boatlift, where the bear currently sits. The Fiberglas statue weighs about 1,500 pounds, so moving the bear wasn't an easy feat.

The residents speculate the lone bear, found without its pal Boo Boo Bear, fell off a cruise ship and made its way up the Jupiter Inlet and onto their shore.

Although the residents find the bear humorous, it can't stay in the marina forever. "We researched the rules of the complex and found it's against regulations to have a bear on the property," Pashman joked.

Ideally, they want to donate the statue to an organization with children. "If you can lift it, it's yours," Pashman said.

He's hoping someone will want it because, "How do you get rid of a 10-foot bear?"

Residents of Jupiter Cove are warned not to leave "pic-a- nic" baskets unattended, while Yogi hangs around.

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