Jun 15, 2006

Alley Work Makes It Hard to Cook

Last week I used the Express' Alley Walk piece to rant about the lackadaisical garbage pickup in my particular alley. In a karmic rebuttal, the District left a note on the back porch that very afternoon explaining their plans to repave said alley. The note warned that I won't be able to use it for driving during the next 2 weeks and that the garbage will be picked up from the front of the house. If the repaving part of government had told the garbage part of government these plans, then there wouldn't be 4 day old bags of trash lining the front street. So there's that.

In my own infinite wisdom, I declined to drive to the grocery store while I still had an accessible car. 4 days into repaving I have no food.

I live a spoiled life, and driving to the grocery store is no small part of that life. I cherish being able to fill up a cart without worrying about how many pounds I can reasonably carry home. This luxury having been ripped out from under me, I set off this morning with a backpack for the nearest Safeway, which doesn't have the kind of cottage cheese I like.

With a full shopping cart, I was searching for cilantro when I realized I hadn't brought anything that would help me pay for this stuff.

I'm not much of a chef to begin with, but reading various food blogs has served as an inspiration to expand my cooking abilities and diet, so

I bucked up, left my cart in an inconspicuous area of the store, ran home, grabbed my wallet, ran back, found my cart and the cilantro, and was good to go.

(I made this!)
Now, to get various government folks to talk to one another so my broccoli stems don't stink up street for the next couple of weeks. Just kidding, the rats'll get to it way before the garbage truck does. Jim Graham, can you help?


Anonymous said...

The salad looks delicious!!

Frans said...

Wendy, if you need cilantro, basil, rosemary, or mint - i've got loads growing on my roof deck!

wharman said...

Anonymous - yes, the broccoli salad is delicious, I got it from the blog Simply Recipes.

Frans - Thanks! Any growing tips? Last weekend I got a jalapeno pepper plant and a California Wonder bell pepper plant (for $1). I've just been watering and hoping. All's well so far.