May 5, 2006

To Become a Wine Snob

The science of wine has fascinated me from a blurry distance for quite some time. I've recently tried to actually pay attention to the types of grapes and regions I'm drinking and to that end I wandered into Dupont's Best Cellars this past Monday with a list of "read about and want to try" bottles to see if I could find a match. I couldn't, but they have a substantial array of Rose (rosay, I can't figure the accent on this here thing), which the cool kids say is no longer taking the short bus to the wine shop - it's in a stretch limo with little tiny glasses of rose and a hot tub.

Without the confidence to convince fellow imbibers that rose is the new black, I chose a strange little concoction next to them. It's called Gelsomina Lambrusco Mantovano, loosely translated means fizzly champagne-like grape juice! Reminds me a little of the St. Louis Framboise beer they serve at Reef. It's the only red wine I've ever been told to chill. I think there's a high alcohol content in here, lightheadedness abounds after a small glass. Because I shouldn't operate heavy machinery and this is no lightweight laptop, I'll refer to the actual tasting notes listed:
This is a traditional Lambrusco, seldom found outside of Italy. With aromas and flavors of fresh grapes, raspberries and dried red fruit, it has a very lively, fizzy effervescence and semi-dry finishing notes which offer a refreshing lip-smacking quality. Serve it chilled with sausages and lentils, squash-filled tortellini with brown butter and sage, and charcuterie.

I had it with weiners. Still good.

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