May 21, 2006

Things About Reef, the Bar

"Teachers and bartenders are totally insane." So we were told and shown by example Friday night at Adams Morgan's own Reef. G and I wanted simply to sip on something while outside and after finding Toledo closed we trekked up to the rooftop across the street. We bellied up to the bar to find a rowdy group of teachers and a bartender making them "dirty sticks." When our faces showed wonderment, one ebullient prof bought us each one. May I say banana split delicious! This experience goes down as one of the friendliest bar scenes I have encountered outside of Wonderland in DC. The bartender happens to be the owner and a Tom Cruise Cocktail sort of flipping around and dancing kind of tender. During one dance he proclaimed, "I'd wear only tassles and dance for you if it were legal. I have great tits." He then informed us it is (fortunately) against the law for him not to have on a whole shirt.

Probably more interesting than their many good beers on tap are the extravagant saltwater fish tanks. A few weeks ago I had a heated discussion with visiting Floridian friends about the overhead of keeping so many tanks filled with such valuable fish there. Since it probably is a better display than the New York Aquarium they contended it wasn't worth it to have them because drunk people can't possibly appreciate this fact.

I took the opportunity on Friday to inquire of the owner what the overhead is and he immediately spat out, "$32,700 per year!" I guess I'm not the only one to have ever asked.

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Sara said...

I stand by my original comment that it's a lot of money to spend on entertaining drunk people!