May 30, 2006

Memorial Fruits

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This Memorial Day was spent dodging the Rolling Thunder on mountain roads in Virginia. Undeterred by my trip to the Delaplane Strawberry Festival on Saturday, I set out again to visit vineyards in the same neck of the woods yesterday. This time there were more folks along and we didn't have to take my air-conditioning-deprived vehicle. We did, however, make a roadside stop to remove a problem muffler in the beautiful coach we did take.

First stop: Rappahannock. The wine was surprisingly tasty here. My personal favorite taster was their 2005 Viognier, especially after learning the Viognier is a signature grape in VA. It was brought here about 15 years ago and has done well. We ended up purchasing the also very delicious 2004 Claret, a bordeaux style blend of Cab Franc, Merlot, Cab Savignon, Syrah, and Norton.

We took our Claret, Italian Store (so best) sandwiches, and multiple fruit salads for a grassy nole picnic on Rappahannock's grounds.

The rest of the day was more up in the air. We stopped at nearby Oasis only to find out they were "out of wine."

We then tripped to Linden and found a locked gate. They're not open on Mondays, even on Memorial ones.

Grasping at one last straw, we stopped at Naked Mountain. Although they had a plethora of amusing signage (Driving while intoxicated may cause pregnancy, or something like that) the wine left a little to be desired. We passed on purchasing anything besides root beer here.

The day: gorgeous
The drive: eventful with beautiful scenery

Happy Birthday Gina!!!

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