May 31, 2006

The Manolo on Crocs

The Super Fantastic Manolo shoe blog has entered his decisive decision on Crocs. I myself own a lime green pair of these monstrosities, purchased under duress in Lewes, DE. It turns out that my unusually shaped feet aren't included in the several-sizes-fit-all mantra to which Crocs prescribe. Beauty before comfort doesn't apply because they haven't got either. The moral of the story? All hail flip flops and Katie Couric.

Update: The Washington Post and several podiatrists think Crocs are good for the feet. I'll admit they came in handy last weekend while tubing the Potomac, and I looked right smart with my matching bright green tank top.


LA said...

Brings back lots of summer memories but you forgot the puddin'!

wharman said...

Yes I did forget the puddin. Insert: At around 4pm, when you've been out on the water since 8am, get on the boat and have a chocolate puddin.

LA said...

I'm not sure how my comment got connected with Crocs instead of lobsters. Oh, well.