Apr 3, 2006

When Overeducated Women Unite

Taking free books can make a girl hungry, so we set out for linner in Fells Point. I assured the cohorts that I could get us there easily and proceeded to navigate them in exactly the wrong direction. Thirty minutes later they caught on to my All Fools' Day joke. We pulled over and called a husband for mapping assistance. We finally landed at Shuckers in Broadway Market. Shucks if it wasn't awful. Must have been because we exited at our first opportunity, leaving behind an accidental extra $10 tip and a bank card. Poor server had to run for 3 blocks to catch up with us. I doubled over in laughter. That felt good. I should laugh more.

Back in the beltway, closing in on 8 hours from our departure time, we finally found the street called Sherman we had so searched for at the outset. Perhaps one needs to leave in order to return to the right street again. Lucky once again, we JUST MISSED the hit and run vehicle that basically totaled 3 parked cars on said Sherman. We passed by before the police arrived but in time to watch a car owner come out of his house to see what the fuss was about, put his hands on his face, and walk right back inside his house as if he hadn't seen his smashed get-around buggy.

Anyone want to join in on next weekend's adventure? Suggestions welcome.

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