Apr 18, 2006


"You have a big birthday coming up soon!" my family friend said as we were leaving her home after Easter brunch. "Yes, I'm an old lady now," I said with a smile. Someone in the background said something about me turning 30. The German woman in the room piped up with, "Ya, in Germany when you turn 30 and you are not zet married you stand on zee stage and swep while the people they throw all things at you."

"You sweep?" I asked. "Jes, you sweep zee trash the people are throwing at jou."

The record inside my head screeched.

"Huh. I guess I'm glad I'm not celebrating in Germany."

It's true:
On Monday a coworker celebrated his 30th birthday. Because he is still unmarried he had to sweep at the Marktplatz. It works like this. Any man who is still unmarried by his 30th birthday has to go to the Rathouse in his hometown and sweep a huge pile of dirt/sawdust up. He is usually slightly drunk to begin with and dressed in some ridiculous outfit. He has to sweep until all the sawdust is all swept up or until he gets a kiss from a virgin. If he gets a kiss, the person who turns 30 next has to finish the job

Photographic evidence

I'm thinking about setting up a "Single's 30th Bday Registry" so I can tell my loved ones what kind of trash I want thrown at me.

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