Apr 28, 2006


BP brings news from Atlanta by way of Australia that Moe of Moe's N Joe's has passed. I'll be honest when I say I never met Moe, but I sure am a huge fan of his bar. Every Tuesday for years I met my friends there and had revealing, heartfelt, scientific, literary, drunken and therefore philosophical conversations.

Horace, the man on the right in the photo above, has been a server at Moe's since 1949. 1949. On more than one occasion I sat in the booths of Moe's with my friend Heather while we drafted the feature article we would write about the awesomeness of Horace (pronounced Hawrus in the South). Always in a bowtie and mostly with a smile, he brings the essence of the Cheers theme song to patrons looking for $3.25 pitchers of PBR. Horace was too busy to be interviewed for the article that was never written, so I don't know much about who Horace is behind the suspenders, but I do know he has no fear of commitment and I'm pretty sure there's a lot more worth knowing. 57 years he's been there. To visitors of Atlanta, you'd be served well by stopping here to say hello to the bar that time forgot.

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