Apr 14, 2006

Easter at God's gate

I'm in my hometown of Stuart, FL for a few days. I lived here for the first 18 years of my life, but it's hardly the same at all these days. You can no longer find the spot where I fell out of a friend's truck dune-hopping because there's a new high school and a Linens N Things there. You can't rev up and drive over the Skyline Drive hill because it's now a traffic circle. Progress? I'm not sure because today mama and I stopped in the Walgreen's to pick up her prescription (from the "effeminate man who knows my name is Diane") where I "overheard in Stuart" the following:

Old old old old woman. QTip for short: "Which of these laxatives is best for constipation?"

We all giggled. Aren't all laxatives supposed to help with that? I can only assume the medicine wasn't for her, because if she were constipated, she probably wouldn't have had the patience to research the best brand as determined by the Walgreens employee. You grab and go. Grab and go.

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