Apr 30, 2006


Crawdad 2000
Crawdad 2000,
originally uploaded by Whatknot.
Crawdads are full of personality. For instance, take the batch we cooked up last night at the annual Crawfestival on Rhode Island Avenue. They grew up in Louisiana, were most likely born after Hurricane Katrina and therefore hadn't suffered much heartache. No doubt they were the children of evacuated Katrina crawdaddy parents. A population boom nearly always follows a period of time with no electricity.

These particular crawbabies felt rebellious. They all hopped in a net sack together and booked a flight on Continental Airlines. Unfortunately they had a layover in Houston and when they scurried to the nearest bars and restrooms on the concourse they all missed their connecting flight. Motel 6 was there keeping the light on for them, and their last night was gayly spent in room 106. Yesterday morning they made their way groggily back to the airport and sat 2-to-a-seat, the longest legged ones in the exit rows, in a full plane to DCA. Who's Your Chaddy Chad then rescued them from the plane and brought them home to roast. I mean boil. They were exquisitely delicious, perhaps more so for the adventurous journey they took.

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