Apr 3, 2006

As Martha would say had she been there, "The Book Thing is a Good Thing." Getting to and fro can prove less good, especially when a left-handed person is the navigator. As the Lefties book I would pick up later in the day suggests, "Logic is not our strong point." In fact, to paraphrase the first paragraph for our purposes,
if this blog seems to lack organization, a goal, collective power, and a sense of identity - well, it is a left-handed blog. Where logic has intruded, I have been careful to cite the source.

This ailment proved advantageous when I took us on a circuitous route, thereby delaying our arrival on 495 and allowing us to JUST MISS being terrorized by a high speed car chase.

We exited before the toll, but 2 highway Cokes had taken theirs. To my cohorts' amusement I needed a McDonalds fast. It had a coin-operated toilet. Onward. Take a left, go a mile, take a right; we were surrounded by bail bonds shops and liquor marts and the car grew apprehensive about entering The Book Thing. We soldiered on. After all, we had painstakingly gathered our old books to offer up and we couldn't turn back now.

Greeted by kind folks and a map of the thing, we entered a sort of paradise. For me, the Lefties book, a 1953 cookbook featuring many a jello-mold, Huckleberry Finn, an old wine book full of maps, The Virgin Suicides, and In Cold Blood. What a place!

How we got home is a whole nother post. To be continued...

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