Mar 6, 2006


Javier in a tub
Javier in a tub,
originally uploaded by Bombardier.
In the bathtub yesterday, I found it difficult to read my novel because my pruned fingers and the pages of the book don't get along. "If only I could hold and turn the pages with one of these body parts that's not all pruned. Why do the most useful fingers get all wrinkly in water but not the rest of me?"

I decided to check into the phenomenon. While I didn't find any definitive answers, I did find some passionate reasoning on how it doesn't happen:
No matter how you slice it, there's no way water could flow OUT of our bodies/skin into FRESH WATER by OSMOSIS. We're pretty salty [saline = 0.3 OsM]; if we were freely permeable to the water in the tub, we'd have to accumulate water. If we excreted enough salt in the tub to raise the concentration of salt above that of our bodies, all we'd have to do to cure high blood pressure would be to take a bath, and all our salt would be sucked right out of our bodies!!

Photo by Bombardier on Flickr. Creative Commons Attribution License.

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