Mar 9, 2006


I may try out this iPod Jukebox night tonight. I know the kids love it! Thinking about what I'd play just now made me feel vulnerable - it's hard out here for an unhipster DJ.

If I take the chance, I think I'll play Bobby Bare Jr's I'll Be Around, Emergency Music's So Long to the Subtle and Sharon Jones' Make it Good to Me.

I don't have the slightest idea how these ditties will go over, but I do know all three are tunes I dig.

UPDATE: my iPod just crapped out. If I had a Magic 8 Ball right now it would say, "Outlook Not So Good."

UPDATE #2: Thanks to Rick H. for talking me through the iPod fix!


shoofly said...

ipod dj night is super fun! all sorts of stuff gets played, so don't worry about it too much! just go!

wharman said...

Reformatting is involved.

widttf said...

hey where's the credit for fixing the ipod!!?!?!?!?!