Mar 7, 2006


Like "I'll be bahck" and "D'oh" and "How ruuude" after her, Cuban born musician Celia Cruz's catch phrase was Azucar! literally meaning sugar.

The National Museum of American History has an exhibit on Celia Cruz through September 4, 2006.
She was born on October 21 in a year she never divulged in the Santos Suarez district of Havana, Cuba, a poor and crowded district of the Cuban capital. Celia was a member of an extended family of 14 children. Celia's family and her neighbors became aware of young Celia's vocal abilities while she was singing lullabies at bedtime for her numerous brothers, sisters, and cousins.
I had an opportunity to check it out yesterday and I found that this Cruz was a pretty interesting lady, one who popularized salsa and Latin music in the United States. I always find myself wishing the Smithsonian exhibits had a bit more meat to them, but this was a good enough taste of her life to jumpstart an interest in learning more about salsa and latin music in general.

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