Feb 12, 2006

Peter Piper Picked A Pair of Pickled

2006 is the Year of the Chili Pepper!
There is the mystique about who can eat the hottest peppers without dire consequences. Some experts speculate chile pepper heat (and the subsequent oral pain) stimulates the production of endorphins in the brain, conferring a sense of well being similar to a runner’s “high.”

Makes you wanna grow some immediately, doesn't it?

New Mexico State has a Chili Pepper Institute! It's an absolute gold mine worth a visit.

From the FAQ:
Q. Are fish able to feel the 'heat' from chiles?

A. No, fish do not have the pain receptors (like birds), that mammals do that 'feel' the heat. Many species of fish, like koi and other colorful fish, are fed food with chile in it to keep their colors bright.

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jeffro said...

i do believe this is one of the few times that i've seen a post on peppers. but it was quite enjoyable.