Feb 20, 2006

No Pressure

It makes me sad to see the Olympic athletes so filled with pressure that their sport doesn't seem fun anymore. I loved watching Sarah Hughes win the gold medal last time because she had such a positive-I'm-having-fun outlook to the games. I think her relaxation and perspective were well rewarded.

Easy for me to say without having spent hours everyday preparing since I was 3 and now having million dollar sponsorship contracts riding on my performance, right?

Today it doesn't feel so easy. My stomach is a bundle of nerves as I head into the bar exam tomorrow and Wednesday. The timing exactly coincides with the women's figure skating events, and I feel like the Michelle Kwan of the Maryland Bar Exam. Perhaps it's time to take a deep breath, smile, and have fun with secured transactions.

Articulatory Loop has provided some good advice this morning - don't eat! Hunger might trigger memory recall.

Finally, random bits of linguistics. Can you detect a difference in vowel sounds when you say "do" and "dew"?

1 comment:

widttf said...

first, i've always heard you should eat fish as it stimulates memory recall. what a conundrum!?!??! which stimulation is stronger, fish or hunger, because you can't have both!?!?

and yes, i can detect a difference in do and dew. maybe its just how i say it.