Feb 24, 2006


Domino Rally has posted Muppet songs!
via Best Week Ever

This is the best mp3 ever.

DCist Unbuckled was a rockin affair. It's a good thing the Housemates are in Olivia Mancini's band. If I were to be belting it out like that, my housemates would stage a coup, unless I did it as well as her. Check out her main project (this housemate business being the side one) Washington Social Club.

Dread filled me as we walked in and found the line close to the door. I mean, I've been upstairs at DC9 and it's not too spacious. I started frantically thinking things like, "DCist just did a contest and revealed they have 11,000 or some other huge number of readers per day. Why not just go for booking 9:30? We're gonna be crammed like sardines up there!" Turns out the hand stamp guy at the door had just misplaced a button on his hurry-up machine. Of course, it was plenty crowded but my fears of feeling like a salty fish were unfounded.

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