Jan 15, 2006

Whoa nelly, stop that breeze train! Who knew that watching the Redskins lose would be so dangerous. En route I was (i) nearly decapitated by a flying "Do Not Enter" sign flying down Euclid, (ii) nearly impaled by a huge falling branch, and (iii) nearly struck blind by all the rocks whizzing into my face. I won't even mention what the wind did to my 'do. I was unable to walk a straight line despite the lack of alcohol in my bloodstream.

Overall, a disappointing day in football world for me. The Pats were awfully fumbly and intercepty. They had convinced me they were back in championship shape the past few weeks, but it was not to be. The loss has one good outcome: Brady has 2 less chances to lose his endorsement deals by smushing that golden boy face in a game.

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