Jan 7, 2006

The Southpaws shall Rise Again, or A Sign of True Genius

Have you noticed that if you walk into a craft store or a butchery or a Linens & Things or a Best Buy or a CVS or any store in pretty much the whole country you will be able to purchase the materials to play NO LIMIT TEXAS HOLD EM POKER!?!?

I thoroughly enjoy the poker, but I believe it's taking over our culture at a rate quicker than Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. A slippery slope indeed. More importantly, as a left-handed person I am at a disadvantage in all card games. We lefties do most stuff the opposite way that righties do, including holding cards. The numbers are situated for right-handed people. When I fan my hand, I can't see squat. I think you'll agree this is a huge disadvantage.

If card makers simply put the numbers in all 4 corners instead of just 2, the playing field would level. This company seems to have accomplished just that, but they can't find a supplier. These cards should have infiltrated the market! We're 10% of the population! We have a group on Flickr! We should be able to see our playing cards!


jeffro said...

let's hear it for lefties! i'm goin' to that flickr site!

Don Wood Files said...

I don't know. It has been years since I played cards. As a right-handed person I never noticed the possible disadvantge. But I can see the problem. Right now, I , too, am haunted by cards: they keep showing up unannounced. Something or someone is trying to tell me something! Here's a pic of my situation..