Jan 30, 2006

A Most Significant Ferris Wheel

Who knew (1) that Ferris Wheels could be significant, and (2) that Ferris Wheel authorities exist?
Many Ferris wheel authorities agree it's one of the most significant ever created. Look beyond the bright colors — peach, purple, yellow, blue — and you'll note the wishbone-shaped spokes and contoured seats. At night, when the wheel's 3,000 lights are aglow, it looks even more intriguing. "There ain't no other ones like it," said a retired carnival worker at the fair who declined to give his name.

Give me any amusement ride anytime and I'll gladly throw caution to the wind and hop on.The Big Huge Exception to this philosophy is the Ferris Wheel. They scare the ever-lovin bejesus out of me.

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