Jan 31, 2006

"I need to get 29 but it's kind of embarrassing how many Ryan Adams tracks are on my iTunes."

"Well, he's put out a lot of music."

Luckily, New York magazine has listed a "Greatest Hits" for people who don't know where to begin. Also included, a frightening array of photos.

I respect this list, but if I were to compile a Best Of, I would need to include Whiskeytown tracks and it would go something like this:

Desperate Ain't Lonely from Faithless Street (Whiskeytown)
Under Your Breath from Pneumonia (Whiskeytown)
The Battle from a Whiskeytowner Caitlin Cary track featuring Ryan.

Oh My Sweet Carolina from Heartbreaker
Bartering Lines from Heartbreaker
Damn, Sam from Heartbreaker
Come Pick Me Up from Heartbreaker
In My Time of Need from Heartbreaker

Answering Bell from Gold
La Cienega Just Smiled from Gold
The Rescue Blues from Gold
Gonna Make You Love Me from Gold

Dear Chicago from Demolition
Chin Up, Cheer Up from Demolition

When Will You Come Back Home from Cold Roses
Dance All Night from Cold Roses

The Hardest Part from Jacksonville City Nights
Trains from Jacksonville City Nights

Neither the Love Is Hell discs or Rock N Roll did much for me.

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