Jan 22, 2006

Eminent Domain and Pink Dolphins Cure What Ails Me

Angered by a Supreme Court ruling that gave local governments more power to seize people's homes for economic development, a group of activists is trying to get one of the court's justices evicted from his own home.

This taking Souter's home by eminent domain story has me laughing out loud, and laughing is quite healthy. In fact, Japanese geneticist says laughing might cure disease:

IT’S been said laughter is the best medicine, but no one has yet to prove it. Now a Japanese scientist is unlocking the secrets of the funny bone, which he believes can cheer up people’s genes.

Geneticist Kazuo Murakami has teamed up on the study with an unlikely research partner: stand-up comedians, who he hopes – no joke – can turn their one-liners into efficient, low-cost medical treatment.

Genes are usually regarded as immutable, but in reality more than 90% of them are dormant or less active in producing protein, so some types of stimulation can wake them up.

Murakami’s tentative theory is that laughter is one such stimulant, which can trigger energy inside a person’s DNA, potentially helping to cure disease.

Also funny, you can go pink dolphin watching in Hong Kong.
But travellers who are tired of crowded concrete sidewalks, gleaming skyscrapers and glitzy shopping malls don't need to go far to find a natural -- seemingly mythical -- wonder: dolphins that are as pink as bubble gum.

I'm sure Margaret Cho could turn this one into quite an effective little medical treatment.

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