Dec 2, 2005

Tonight - Moo a Realist in a Cocktail Dress

I'm looking forward to Drew Ernst's Zenith Gallery opening tonight from 6pm-9pm.
Drew was born in central Ohio in 1979, one year after Zenith Gallery was born. He is a "modern, contemporary, figurative painter." He's also a friend of a friend of mine and although I've never personally seen his work, I hear he is a remarkable rising star. To be painting full time at any point in one's life is a measure of great success. Having seen the High Museum's Andrew Wyeth exhibit last week, this should be a perfect updated complement.

Authentic Art DC says:
Zenith Gallery welcomes Drew Ernst to Washington with his first career solo exhibition. Ernst has worked under the tutelage of several leading realist painters of our day. This young artist’s large-scale canvases are intense and thoughtful – he is part of the next generation of realist masters in America.

Bo Bartlett says:
"A great artist assists us in seeing the world differently. No style is necessarily superior to another, all forms are valid, what matters is whether or not the artist is being true to their temperament and experience. I feel that Drew Ernst is solidly himself. He is gifted and devoted to his art. He is smart and curious. He is a serious student of life."

Drew says of his work:
"Every emotion goes into my paintings - love, hate, joy, sadness - it's all in there. An amazing thing happens when you love hard and paint hard. You become one with the work. The mind can make paint do things, anything - make it behave in ways it shouldn't. The act of painting becomes spiritual. Once this happens, anything is possible."

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