Dec 19, 2005

Through the Ringer

This weekend I experienced a Last Train Home concert, an entire season of Six Feet Under, a jacuzzi bath, an unblocking of creative energies with a self-help book, a shopping trip, and a child's christmas pageant at a church I'd never been to before.

LTH was predictably satisfying; Six Feet Under drew me in immediately and I can't get enough; my bathtub's luxury is an amazing winter indulgence; I wrote 9 pages of self-pitying crap in a journal and it feels good to leave it there. The self-help book told me to do it. It also told me to imagine 5 other lives I'd like to lead if I weren't leading mine. I chose to be a comedienne, a linguist, a songwriter, a farmer, and a fisherwoman. What would you choose?

The Christmas pageant provided a much needed dose of holiday spirit. The best part of the weekend, though, has to be the email that arrived in my inbox about an hour ago from a former roommate reminding me of an activity I cherish. Sparking that memory also reminded me that life will bring new rituals to share with new people, and that's something to look forward to, so I do.

Hi guys,
I went to a party at 210 Winthrop last night. In honor of you both I tried to convince my friends to do some stoop sitting with me afterwards, but they complained that it was too late, too cold, and that we weren't in Brooklyn. They don't know what they were missing.

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