Dec 24, 2005

Surprise Surprise

That last post was a total fabrication. I was already on my way home to surprise my mom at her surprise 60th birthday party. She laughed, she cried, she wore a tiara, she wore a queen-like cape, and by God she danced. On the menu? KFC and Moon Pies.

On my way to Stuart, just as the flight attendants requested that we return our tray tables to their original position for landing, I realized I might be asked to say something about my mother in front of all these folks. I left my tray table down and started (and finished in 10 minutes - void of any meter or rhythm) scribbling:

Ode to Mom
You turn sixty today, hooray!
Quite an accomplishment I'd say
Surprises for old folks can cause great harm
so I'm glad when you walked in you didn't buy the farm

I have been around almost exactly half your life
You've been devoted to us although we caused you great strife
Volunteering for the field trip with a wink
and making sure my sandwich didn't touch my juice drink

You're a master at cooking a turkey so dry
we choke it down and try not to cry
and when we sleep in the same room, Good Lord!
you're a champion at the art of the snore (not to mention your treasure trove of mixed metaphors!

Everyone says you're cute as a button,
but when it comes to playing cards that's a put-on
you'll gladly clean us all out
with a competitive grin while we pout

You have changed the world in many ways
All the kids tell you about their days
Civil rights and social work make you tick
helping people from the poor to the sick

This poem has gone on too long
and to try to capture everything you are would be wrong
So I'll stop and get back to the partay
say I love you and happy birthday!

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