Dec 26, 2005

No Trash Can

Aunt Elaine has worn contacts for years. Evidently, they sometimes get loose and roll back into her head. One of those sometimes was Friday. Doctors have tried to get others out of her head without luck.

Before the finger incident (see below) yesterday, she announced that she had activity in her eye. She thought the errant contact might be coming forth. It wasn't.

"I just hope they don't form cysts in my brain. What are they doing in there? It's not like I have a trash can in my head."


Washington Cube said...

Your aunt is having a rough week. I'm hoping there's not a "next."

nm said...

I have no idea what they do back there! It's so scary. I once lost a contact -- I thought it had popped out onto the floor. But my eye kept hurting for hours after that, and I thought the contract had scratched my eye on its way out, so I got an emergency appointment with the eye doctor. He did a thorough exam and told me there was nothing wrong and the pain should go away soon. When I woke up the next morning and rubbed my eye, there was the contact in my hand! Seriously, it had just rolled back out overnight. The scary part is, that it was so far back there, the doctor couldn't see it. Creepy.